The Story of The Daily M.A.D. Leader October 13, 2016

In 2005 I was experiencing some personal challenges and knew something had to change for me to feel a deeper sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in both my business and my life. At that time, I was studying various methodologies and approaches to coaching, including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence). As a […]

“3 Ways Men Can Help Empower Women” August 8, 2016

Robert Silverstone’s article, “3 Ways Men Can Help Empower Women,” is featured in the July/August 2016 issue of Conscious Company Magazine. Founded in 2014, Conscious Company is the first print and digital, nationally-distributed publication in the US to focus solely on sustainable business and business as a force for good. “3 Ways Men Can Help […]

Should men advocate for the empowerment of women and girls? June 15, 2016

For thousands of years men have mostly dominated commerce, politics, society … and women.  In many countries in the developing world women have been, and are today, treated as slaves, both servile and sexual. They are kept uneducated, and without many of the basic human rights of dignity, safety, respect, liberty and justice.  They are […]

The Nature of Money June 7, 2012

Money causes more fear, stress, anxiety, and worry in our lives than almost anything else. Either it takes us into the past, where there are regrets and disappointments or perhaps anger; or it projects us into the future, where fear, anxiety, and expectations reside. Money can be a great teacher. We all learn lessons from […]

What Are You For? January 10, 2012

We live in transformational times. Historically, perhaps the most challenging in the evolution of humankind, while perhaps also filled with the greatest opportunity for humankind. Challenging because, by all accounts and for a variety of reasons, we may be looking down the barrel of a gun pointed at the very survival of humankind. Opportunity because if we can turn the tide we now face, the possibility exists…

Victim to Victor January 24, 2011

We all fall victim, from time to time, to events, issues and people that present themselves in all shapes and forms. We become victims of fear, anger, guilt, disappointment and many other feelings and reactions to events that occur in our lives.

We have little control over the events themselves, but we do have the power and ability to control our reactions, the behaviors we exhibit in response to those various events. In fact, either we control our reactions and have dominion over them, or we are controlled by those reactions and we become victim to them.

It’s time for a conscious relationship with money! October 13, 2010

In recent years we’ve witnessed the impact of greed, ego, irresponsibility and other unconscious behaviors around money to the detriment of society as a whole.  We’ve also witnessed increases in chemical dependencies, alcoholism, violent crime, divorce, disease and suicides.  I’m not suggesting that all these issues are money related.  I am suggesting that money plays […]

Mending Fences – Finding new business right under your feet August 26, 2010

As I speak to my clients about ways to increase their current business volume, a recurring trend is appearing that I find quite fascinating. While their focus seems to be on finding new business, an important strategy anyway, there seems to be a blind spot for many business owners that is constantly being overlooked … mending fences!

When I ask my clients about their past business relationships, I hear a variety of stores about what went wrong in the relationship and why they’re not doing business anymore. In many of those cases there was simply a breakdown in communication or, even more common, a misunderstanding that was never cleared up.

Do any of your former clients or business relationships sound like this? If so, it’s significantly easier to mend that fence than to build a new one. So, look into your archive of old clients and see how many of those broken fences can be mended. You might find yourself sitting on a gold mine!

Integrity – Saying what you mean and doing what you say

It’s quite alarming to me just how many people are operating out of integrity. Many times I observe business people making promises they’re not sure they can keep in order to get the sale. Then, when they fail to deliver on time or otherwise let the customer down, they’ve demonstrated their lack of integrity and lost the trust of the customer.

I know none of us is perfect and that’s what makes us human. Nevertheless, we can operate with a higher degree of integrity simply by ‘saying what we mean,’ that is speaking the truth, and by ‘doing what we say,’ that is honoring our commitments. In business, some might call this approach under-promising and over-delivering. However you do it applying integrity will build the trust of your clients, colleagues, friends and family. Then watch as more business, respect, happiness and yes, love find their way to you!

Conscious Business – Want to give something back?

Many businesses are looking for more ways to be more socially responsible and here’s a great practical way for any business. is an office supply company that donates a portion of their proceeds to charities and non –profits that support local communities and the planet at large, in addition to practicing conscious business in the way they run their company and manage their employees, they are also socially responsible with the products they sell. I’m starting to get as much of my office products as possible from them. And there’s a bonus. They ship overnight – for free!