Integrity – Saying what you mean and doing what you say

August 26, 2010 - Posted by

It’s quite alarming to me just how many people are operating out of integrity. Many times I observe business people making promises they’re not sure they can keep in order to get the sale. Then, when they fail to deliver on time or otherwise let the customer down, they’ve demonstrated their lack of integrity and lost the trust of the customer.

I know none of us is perfect and that’s what makes us human. Nevertheless, we can operate with a higher degree of integrity simply by ‘saying what we mean,’ that is speaking the truth, and by ‘doing what we say,’ that is honoring our commitments. In business, some might call this approach under-promising and over-delivering. However you do it applying integrity will build the trust of your clients, colleagues, friends and family. Then watch as more business, respect, happiness and yes, love find their way to you!

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