It’s time for a conscious relationship with money!

October 13, 2010 - Posted by

In recent years we’ve witnessed the impact of greed, ego, irresponsibility and other unconscious behaviors around money to the detriment of society as a whole.  We’ve also witnessed increases in chemical dependencies, alcoholism, violent crime, divorce, disease and suicides.  I’m not suggesting that all these issues are money related.  I am suggesting that money plays a significant enough part in all issues that if we don’t address the root cause now, these issues will continue to expand unfettered. 

It’s time for a conscious relationship with money!  What does that mean, you may well ask?  It means recognizing that money itself is benign.  It has no real power, other than the connotations we associate with it, whether positive or negative.  Unfortunately for most of us, we have more negative associations with money that we do positive ones, until we become conscious.  The unconscious mind sees money as negative: ‘evil’, in limited supply, hard to get, not enough to go around, stressful, worrisome, frustration, disappointment, etc.  The conscious mind sees money as positive: possibility, transformative, expansive, a partner, in abundant supply, supportive, collaborative, cooperative, potential, etc.

What is your relationship like with money, positive or negative, conscious or unconscious?  You decide … then decide what you’re going to do about it!

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