Mending Fences – Finding new business right under your feet

August 26, 2010 - Posted by

As I speak to my clients about ways to increase their current business volume, a recurring trend is appearing that I find quite fascinating. While their focus seems to be on finding new business, an important strategy anyway, there seems to be a blind spot for many business owners that is constantly being overlooked … mending fences!

When I ask my clients about their past business relationships, I hear a variety of stores about what went wrong in the relationship and why they’re not doing business anymore. In many of those cases there was simply a breakdown in communication or, even more common, a misunderstanding that was never cleared up.

Do any of your former clients or business relationships sound like this? If so, it’s significantly easier to mend that fence than to build a new one. So, look into your archive of old clients and see how many of those broken fences can be mended. You might find yourself sitting on a gold mine!

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