Robert Silverstone is available to speak, conduct workshops, team events and retreats.

Topics for business success and fulfillment include:

    • The GROW Principle – Intentional Change for Transformational Growth
    • GROW Your Relationship with Money for Corporations
    • Conscious Leadership for Culture Change
    • We’re Not Participating in The Recession
    • Getting to The Heart of Business
    • Growing from Victim to Victor
    • The Language of Now
Robert Silverstone, One of the Top 50 Minds on Personal Development on ‘Confidence and Presence’

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“Robert Silverstone is an excellent, dynamic, motivational Executive Coach, speaker and teacher. He has been the speaker on two of our “Elite Retreats” and at other gatherings that I’ve coordinated. Robert makes a powerful impact on individuals and groups and shares memorable tools that can truly change your life for the better. He really inspires through his warm, caring guidance and I continue to HIGHLY recommend him to friends and business associates. They all come back to me with enthusiastic feedback to say how much he has helped them. He’s perfect for corporate retreats, speaking events, meeting facilitations and individual coaching.”
-Rita Connor, President, Elite Resorts & Spas

“Each and every time I’ve seen Robert Silverstone present, I have been struck by the seeming effortlessness of his delivery, his ability to immediately adapt his approach to the requirements of the moment, with his humor, warmth and clarity. He is a master at focusing and engaging his audience to bring home the message, and Robert has the presence and lightness to ‘turn on a dime’, to address the expectations of his audience or deal with the unanticipated.”

-Dr. Reri MacLean | KELLER-MACLEAN Business Leadership

National President, Professional Coaches, Mentors and Advisors