The Nature of Money

June 7, 2012 - Posted by

Money causes more fear, stress, anxiety, and worry in our lives than almost anything else. Either it takes us into the past, where there are regrets and disappointments or perhaps anger; or it projects us into the future, where fear, anxiety, and expectations reside.

Money can be a great teacher. We all learn lessons from it. It can be a friend and supporter, or it can be a challenger, saboteur, destroyer. Money can be our master, making us its slave, or it can be our obedient servant as we learn to master it. Perhaps for some, the ideal is neither master nor servant, but rather “partner”—a respectful relationship that is mutually supportive.

Due to its ubiquitous nature, we might want to think of our relationship with money as a kind of “spiritual” relationship, perhaps one of the most important learning relationships we can ever have, right alongside our relationships with others, our “self,” and with our work.

This is not to suggest that money is something we should worship and place on a pedestal above all other values, but rather that by shifting into a more respectful and accepting attitude around money, we become more open about it, less constricted, and allow it to flow more freely to us and through us which, ultimately, tunes us in to the flow of abundance and allows us to experience financial freedom.

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