What Are You For?

January 10, 2012 - Posted by RobertSilverstone.com

We live in transformational times. Historically, perhaps the most challenging in the evolution of humankind, while perhaps also filled with the greatest opportunity for humankind. Challenging because, by all accounts and for a variety of reasons, we may be looking down the barrel of a gun pointed at the very survival of humankind. Opportunity because if we can turn the tide we now face, the possibility exists, for all of humankind, for the creation of lasting and permanent peace, global health, wholesome nutrition, advanced education, financial freedom, and race and gender fairness and equality, to name but a few positive visions some already may share!

Over the last two hundred years or so we have seen great progress in our human evolution. The industrial and technological revolutions have provided us with the tools and opportunity to move us into an era of greater awareness, higher knowledge and a deeper understanding of the workings of our world and the universe in which we exist.

In the last century alone, there have been demonstrations around the world ranging from the women’s right to vote, to civil rights, the Arab Spring and most recently the Occupy movement. There have been wars on drugs, terrorism and crime by the authorities. Within all this lies an interesting observation. Whenever there has been opposition ‘against’ something, it seems that the issue that has been contested has gained strength, while when there has been a proposed march in favor of something, or ‘for’ it, it has gained popularity and initiated change.

Right now, the possible survival of humankind is asking us what are we for, rather than what we are against in order to shift the tide. This begs the question, what are you for?

If you are AGAINST big banks and their irresponsible behaviors of recent years, be FOR small local banks or credit unions with a social conscience.

If you are AGAINST big energy companies and the apparent negative impact on our environment, be FOR alternative renewable energy, adopting new habits and behaviors that support that commitment.

If you are AGAINST big multinational corporations whose only motive is quarterly profit and satisfying shareholders, be FOR those companies that operate in a more conscious or evolved manner, treating profits, people and the planet with equal respect.

If you are AGAINST certain politicians or the way your government is being run, be FOR those whose principles and policies are in the collective best interests and who resonate with your deeper desires and higher visions.

If you are AGAINST the current educational or health systems, be an advocate FOR helping to find and implement a better system.

It’s not the anti-war movements that eradicate war, it’s the pro-peace movements.  It’s not anti-terrorism that stops terrorism, it’s advocating fairness, equality and justice for all. It’s not ending world hunger that eradicates famine, it’s seeing that everyone if fed.

The way forward for transformation is available to each one of us, and collectively, when enough of us can share what we are for, unified and committed to the same vision or visions. It does not require everyone to share the same vision, just enough to create the tipping point, beyond which the tide will have turned.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)

This is the way transformation has been successfully initiated and carried out for generations and the more that can operate from the FOR approach, the more likely humankind will succeed in its evolutionary birthright.

So, today what are you for? What are you willing to commit to? What action(s) will you take? How will you tell others?

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