The GROW Principle

The GROW Principle has been described by its users as a “simple and powerful process for growth and transformation.” It combines ancient and ageless wisdom with present day knowledge to teach intentional living through its four step process: Gratitude, Release, Openness and Willingness. It is a catalyst for change that transmutes negative thoughts and behaviors of the past into awareness of the extraordinary possibilities and the limitless potential available to us right now.

“I find myself challenged, reaching to find words that will adequately express my deep gratitude for the deceptively simple practice of The GROW Principle. Over the years it has been my passion to explore “disciplines” of all stripes and colors. None have affected me so profoundly.”

-Anna West, Producer, Los Angeles, CA

Through a series of simple practices and exercises, using easy tools that are available to all of us, The GROW Principle introduces powerful techniques that result in the reduction or elimination of stress, anxiety, worry, fear, anger, disappointment and many other negative emotions that may present themselves on a daily basis, leaving us free to have the positive and successful life we choose.

“The GROW Principle is a masterpiece!”

-Kevin Wilson, CFO, ICANN

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The GROW Principle is suitable for a variety of applications. Individuals use it to resolve challenges, personally or around their work or business. Teams use it to be better aligned, communicative and resourceful. Companies use it to gain clearer perspectives and to establish vision, goals and objectives. CEOs and business owners find it useful in reducing stress and anxiety associated with the inherent isolation that can occur in their position.

“At our retreat in Sedona, Robert Silverstone’s “GROW Principle” really changed my life. Years later, I am still using the methods and ideas from “The GROW Principle” that Robert shared with us.”

-Rita Connor, President, Elite Resorts & Spas

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To learn more about The GROW Principle or to have a personal experience of the process, you are invited to attend one of the many workshops, teleseminars or retreats, or to take a home study course that walks you through a 28 day transformational process.

“I now focus on what I want to accomplish, rather than staying stuck in the daily grind. By seeing the big picture, I find that I can more easily identify effective solutions to day-to-day problems. I wholeheartedly recommend The GROW Principle Coaching program for business people at all levels.”

-Steven Powers, CEO Agape Media International

“The GROW Principle is a deeply profound yet elegantly simple approach to living a powerful life. The GROW Principle helps you to quickly grow beyond your fear and limited ideas to the highest peak of your human potential.”

-Kelly Sullivan Walden – Author, Spiritual Practitioner